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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



U.S. Citizens: United States Passport. 

U.S. Permanent Residents: Foreign passport, United States "Green Card" showing permanent residency status. 

F-1 Visa Students: Foreign passport, United States F-1 Student Visa in passport, most recent Form I-20 and the related “back-up” documents from your visa interview (e.g., your $350 SEVIS Fee receipt, your acceptance letter, and any bank statements).

Canadian and Bermudian F-1 Status Students: Citizens of Canada and citizens of Bermuda are not required to obtain an F-1 Visa in their passport, but may instead enter the U.S. with just the following—Canadian or Bermudian passport and most recent Form I-20.

PARENTS & FAMILY: Will your parents/family be coming to Orientation with you? Several local area hotels provide discounts for Gordon families: www.gordon.edu/areahotels. Please note that if your family is coming, we cannot give you a ride from the airport. Instead, we recommend a rental car.

A GIFT FOR YOU: The Gordon College faculty, staff and community have gathered together to purchase new, warm bedding for all incoming international students. We want you to feel welcome when you enter your room in one of our residence halls. The gift includes a simple set of sheets, quilt, pillow, pillowcase, towel and hand towel.

DRESSING FOR COLD WINTERS: Massachusetts has a cold and snowy winter season. Ideal clothing includes waterproof boots, thick coats, warm socks, scarves and gloves. The campus also houses a free clothing exchange (The Common Exchange) where students can find winter coats, gloves, hats, and other winter clothing items.


TECHNOLOGY DISCOUNTS: If you are purchasing a laptop computer to bring to campus, please note that you are eligible for discounted prices and special offers.

BANKS & PHONES: During Orientation, banks and cell phone companies visit campus, so you may open accounts. If you miss them on campus, you have the option of taking the local shuttle.

PURCHASING ITEMS: The Gordon College Bookstore sells many essential items. During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to go to the local shopping mall to purchase items that you did not pack in your luggage. 

MAILING ADDRESS: You will have a campus mailbox during your time at Gordon. You can find your mailbox number on the "Go" site's People Search, using your Gordon College login. Instructions on opening the mailbox and the correct address format are listed on the Mailroom web page. You may send boxes before arriving, and then pick them up at the mailroom when you get here; this is also your address for all of your years at Gordon College, regardless of where you live. Therefore, your mailing address will be "YOUR NAME, YOUR MAILBOX NUMBER, 255 Grapevine Rd., Wenham, MA 01984 USA."

GC 101: Visit www.gordon.edu/orientation to set up your new email and complete the online program “GC 101.” This is how you will confirm your new Gordon College email, register for classes and complete other essential pre-arrival tasks online.

BOOKS: You will purchase or rent your school books only after confirming your course schedule with your Academic Advisor during Orientation. Please do not purchase books before arriving. Professors do not always finalize their book lists on the syllabus until the first day of classes, and we do not want you to purchase a book that you do not end up needing. 


ID CARD PHOTO: We would like your photo so that we can make an ID card (identification card) for you before you arrive. The photo should be a standard passport-style photo of your face and shoulders.  The background should be light-colored. Please email the photo as a JPEG (not a physical photo, just email please). Please email your photo to .

HEALTH INSURANCE: The on-campus Health Center is staffed with friendly medical professionals, and they will help you navigate the American health care system. Gordon College participates in a student health plan through University Health Plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, which you may read about here: www.universityhealthplans.com. Health insurance plans are required for all students, while dental and vision insurance plans are optional. 

F-1 Visa Students: You will be asked to enroll in the specific Gordon College Student Health Insurance Plan. You will receive your health insurance card with your unique subscriber number approximately 2-4 weeks after the semester begins. Your health insurance card will be mailed to your Gordon College student mailbox on campus. Coverage begins on August 1 (fall incoming students) or January 1 (spring incoming students).   

Non-F1-Visa Students: You will NOT be asked to enroll in the specific Gordon College Student Health Insurance Plan. Instead, you have the choice of whether or not to enroll in this specific plan.  Many students choose to waive the Gordon College plan, in order to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans. 

OUTDOOR EDUCATION: One of Gordon’s distinctives is a required outdoor education experience during every student’s first year as a part of the Core Curriculum. The focus for both of these options is on goal-setting, community, reflective learning, and growing in Christ, and both are designed to serve as a catalyst for personal growth and leadership development. 

Students have several options for completing the Gordon College core requirement: (1) enrolling in a La Vida Expedition during the summer before you start at Gordon (NOT RECOMMENDED), (2) enrolling in a Discovery Course during the Fall Semester, (3)  enrolling in a Discovery Course during the Spring Semester, or (4) enrolling in a La Vida Expedition during the summer after your first year.

La Vida Expedition: Intensive 12-day wilderness experience that promotes leadership, confidence and growth in community. La Vida Expeditions include outdoor rock climbing, ropes course, orienteering and a solo experience.

Discovery Course: Seven-week outdoor activities course that develops trust, responsibility and self-confidence. Discovery includes initiative games, ropes course, indoor rock climbing and an overnight weekend in New Hampshire.

SCHOOL BREAKS: Storage: There is no charge for storing personal items on campus. During winter and spring breaks, students who are returning after the break may keep their items in their assigned on-campus rooms. During summer break, students are permitted to store up to four large boxes (or similarly-sized items) in the designated residence hall storage rooms. International students are permitted to store up to 2 additional large boxes (or similarly-sized items) in the International Student Organization storage room.

Housing: There are additional charges for housing on campus while school is not in session. During winter break, students may move into the designated winter break housing hall for the cost of $10/night. During spring break, students may remain in their on-campus rooms, also for the cost of $10/night. For summer break, students will move into the designated summer break housing residence hall for the cost of $90/week. Applications to stay on campus during the aforementioned breaks will be sent via email, and will contain additional information, including dates of the breaks and available dining options.

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