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Global Ed Seminar and Summer Programs

Short-term Study Abroad for Scholars and Adventurers
Not sure you can fit a whole semester abroad into your schedule? Need another reason to study with your favorite professor? Global Ed seminars are your ticket. Take a class at an off-campus location in between semesters. In recent years, students have trekked through the wilds of New Zealand to get a glimpse of unique bird species, visited Jesus’ burial site in Jerusalem, interned in the bustling city of Hong Kong, and attended a Shakespearean play in Shakespeare’s iconic Globe Theatre in London. Check out our current seminars below.

January 2025:

JAF291: International Seminar In Italy

Application Deadline: September 30

Spring Break 2025:

SOC292: Civil Rights Movement Seminar in the Southern U.S.

Application Deadline: November 1

May 2025:

Sri Lanka: The Theory and Practice of Peacebuilding

Application Deadline: December 15

TBD - August 2025

THT 291 International Seminar: Studies on British Stage

Application Deadline: January 15

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