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Gender Studies

Many of today’s social justice issues revolve around gender—from sex trafficking to pay inequality. Adding a gender studies minor will prepare you to engage and find practical, comprehensive ways to help. You’ll learn how a Christian voice can bring healing and reconciliation on both theoretical and practical levels in matters of gender.

Why pursue gender studies at Gordon?

Studying gender at Gordon will deepen your awareness of underlying factors that affect your personal worldview, and those of societies and institutions. As you learn from a Christian liberal arts perspective, you’ll focus special attention on the capacities of religious traditions both to underwrite and to challenge our gendered orderings of the world. 

What careers can I pursue with a gender studies minor?

A gender studies minor adds perspective and preparation for whatever field you are interested in entering, and equips you for diverse careers including:

  • Teacher
  • Social worker
  • Human resources diversity specialist
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Family support worker
  • Community service agency director
  • Minister
  • International development agency representative

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Go the extra mile!

Gender studies minors often participate in student-led clubs like the Social Justice Initiative and International Justice Mission. Off campus, there are plenty of great opportunities for volunteer and internship work on the North Shore and in the city of Boston. 

Global Opportunities

An off-campus experience can help broaden cross-cultural understanding of societies' views about gender:

Related Programs

Many students with a minor in gender studies major in social welfare, sociology, English language and literature, political science or philosophy.


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Kaye Cook, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

P 978 867 4402

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