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Gender Studies Courses


The program is composed of three required courses (12 credits) and two or three electives (at least 8 credits).  A minimum of 20 credits is required for the minor or concentration. Aside from the fact that the research seminar is a senior-level capstone, there is no necessary sequencing of courses.

Required courses (12 credits)

  • PHI240   Philosophy of Women: Women's Knowing, Doing, Being
  • SOC333 Sociology of Gender
  • PHI473   Gender Today

Elective Courses (8 credits)

  • BCM318  Gender in the Church: Biblical and Theological Perspectives
  • POL320   Women in Politics
  • SOC371  Human Sexuality
  • SOC340  Women and World Development
  • Oregon Extension Women's Studies May Term

Students may choose no more than one of the following cognate elective courses.

  • BCM205  Corinthian Correspondence
  • ENG420  Literary Criticism
  • LIN301     Sociolinguistics
  • PHI234    Aesthetics
  • PHI310    Language and Interpretation
  • PHI330    Contemporary Ethical Theories and Issues
  • SOC232  Diversity in U.S. Populations