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Purpose and Philosophy

Entrepreneurship at Gordon

At Gordon, we recognize that entrepreneurship is too big a concept to restrict to a single major or discipline—it’s a catalyst for connecting all fields to real-world impact. Whether you’re planting a church, launching a high-tech venture or expanding a nonprofit, you need the practical, creative, grassroots solutions associated with entrepreneurial thinking.



Our mission is to equip students with entrepreneurial skills to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Entrepreneurship is unconventional, cross-disciplinary, and action-oriented—all qualities that complement and extend the liberal arts education.

Everything we do has relevance for what any career may require.



There are a number of guiding focal points distinctive to the mission of the CEL. We focus on immersion in start-up culture, practical internship experience, and mentoring from real-world entrepreneurs.

Unconventional: we embrace different perspectives and new approaches; seeking to infuse the Gordon community with new and noble ideas, to include new ways of doing things 

All-inclusive: we believe entrepreneurship is an important mindset and skillset in all 90 majors, minors and concentrations at Gordon, and we seek to build the creative confidence of every student, faculty, and staff

Real-world: we put theory into action; we expand students' experience in off-campus contexts; everything we do has relevance for what any career may require

Grassroots: we celebrate the advocate, support the action-oriented, and believe good ideas can come from anywhere

Faithful: we are indelibly marked by the character of Christ and Creator, made in the image of a creative God, called to be creative

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