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Can Gordon be your Garage?

Bring your entrepreneurial ideas that can start small at Gordon!

Students will brainstorm any entrepreneurial idea in a two-day workshop session. During the session, students will form a team with their preferred ideas and establish a business model. With the guidance of mentors, they will work together to identify a problem on campus, the viability of a solution, and how they might implement it. 

Students, bring your passion and ideas, while CEL will provide resources, workshops, tools and access to real-world entrepreneurs who can help you focus your ideas and identify your next steps. Your idea does not need to be super creative or something that has never existed before.

Workshop 1: Meet your team and business development workshop

March 20, 2023 | 8PM-10PM

During this two-hour workshop, students will identify problems that they can address and then form a team made up of peers with similar passions. The main goal of this workshop is to answer the question, “What do you need to start the venture next week?” With guidence, students will list resources necessary for their venture, do a cost analysis, and conduct market research on a small scale.

Workshop 2: Brainstorm your social impact through your business

March 22, 2023 | 6PM-8PM

Why not start something good today? A venture can be impactful, not only through the profits it generates, but also socially through good business practices that benefit the community. Meet Thrivent, a Fortune 500 financial service NGO, and navigate how you can be a member of Thrivent's work to collaboratively "make a difference" and "start something good". 

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  • Registration is free.
  • Open to all yearsall majors who want to work together to make good things happen.
  • Sign up as an individual, as a team, or as a free agent (looking to join someone else's team).
  • Students do not need a defined problem or solution to participate.
  • Prior entrepreneurial, business, or non-profit experience is NOT required.
  • Commitment to launching their idea after the weekend ends is optional.

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