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Gordon's Brand Story

Throughout history, story has been one of the most powerful forms of communication. Gordon is utilizing a narrative framework to guide its marketing that places our brand within our customer's story. The materials on this page are not meant to be used verbatim in external communication but provide a framework to keep us "on script" in addressing our customer's needs.

Brand Story

Gordons brand story chart

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The above chart maps out the main components of Gordon's brand story. The key is that it's really our customer's story—they are the hero, and Gordon is a guide who helps them achieve their goals. This "story" identifies our audience and the primary challenge we help them overcome. Finally, it outlines how we help them and paints a picture of both their successful outcome and the failure we help them avoid.

Brand Script

The Brand Script pulls all the elements of the Brand Story into a written "script" outlining the core business proposition. It's not necessarily meant to be used verbatim, but provides a template for marketing or sales messages.

At Gordon College we know that you want to be a thriving contributor to society. In order to do that, you need a Christian college where you are known, grown and prepared. The problem is coming of age in a divided and uncertain world is harder than it’s ever been, which can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious.

We believe you should have a college experience that equips you with what you need to flourish. We recognize the sea of possibilities is both overwhelming and exciting, which is why we’re here to help you chart your unique course. By combining academic exploration, experiential learning and spiritual formation Gordon helps students thrive. Here’s how we do it: 1) Tell your story and be known before you even arrive on campus. 2) Through community, grow in heart and mind. 3) Step into the world confidently prepared to serve God and neighbor.

Apply today so you can avoid lacking what you need to pursue what matters most and instead be confident in who God made you to be, prepared to make a difference, with hope in the face of a changing world.

Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is an abbrevieated micro-story pulled from the Brand Script. In just a sentence or two, it identifies the problem, solution and successful result. Unlike the Brand Script, the elevator pitch language has been finessed for external audiences and should be usuable as-is in marketing materials or places like email signatures.

We believe students should be equipped to flourish in an uncertain and changing world. At Gordon College, career-focused academics blend with a life-giving faith community to prepare young Christians to make a difference with hope and confidence.

Brand Story “Chapters”

Under Gordon's main Brand Script fall several tailored scripts for different programs and audiences. These are intended to personalize elements of the main Brand Script to address different motivations and aspirations based on specific affinities.

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Graduate Programs


How to Share Gordon's Brand Story

Gordon’s brand provides a consistent, compelling message centered on students’ ambition to become thriving contributors to society. The Brand Story and Script remind us that our student is the hero and we are the guide helping them achieve their success. These materials are not intended to be used verbatim but instead serve as an internal communications compass—a source to draw from and unpack in conversations, marketing collateral and our lived experience.

Not every piece of the Brand Story framework is equally weighted. In marketing, the problem piece is using lightly and the failure piece sparingly. They are important to the story, but if marketing were a recipe, the problem and failure would be the pinch of salt. On the other hand, the three pieces to amplify (the flour) are the character’s aspirational identity, the guide’s authority, and the success.

What does it mean to thrive?

We know our students want to become thriving contributors to society, and we want to equip them to flourish in their careers, communities, churches and wherever God calls them. This means more than financial success; this means they are equipped to experience and extend the goodness of God in all aspects of their life as they serve God and neighbor. Our hope for students is that they will graduate from Gordon confident in who God made them to be and prepared to make a difference, with hope in the face of a changing world. (See Jeremiah 29: 4–7 and Proverbs 11:28.)

How does Gordon help students learn to thrive?

A lot of learning happens by doing. In fact, challenge is a precursor to thriving—which is why the collegiate learning environment is critical to this process of equipping. At Gordon, we combine academic exploration, experiential learning and spiritual formation to help students thrive.

  • Academics that build a career: With 30 new and reimagined academics programs, Gordon has a renewed commitment to preparing students for in-demand areas of work while retaining its core as a liberal arts institution. Students join learning small groups centered around their interests, begin hands-on experiences in the first year and are coached in a clear career pathway.
  • Experiences that build confidence: Both academic and co-curricular experiences shape the college experience for students. Because of Gordon’s size, these experiences often happen within the context of a close-knit and supportive community, which adds richness to the learning experience. Experiential learning might look like student-faculty research projects, honors opportunities, study abroad through Gordon’s signature programs or others, La Vida, Athletics, GCSA, student-led clubs and councils, internships and practicums, or volunteer work in the local community.
  • Christian community that builds character: Gordon welcomes Christians from diverse backgrounds who are committed to deepening their relationship with Jesus, learning from one another and preparing to be a powerful witness for Christ in the world. Uniformity is not a precursor for community at Gordon; in fact, we welcome the hard questions and tough conversations, knowing that we always draw back to Christ at the center. Together, we’re building a solid faith framework to contribute with excellence to Christ’s work in the world.

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