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Academic Resources for All Students

Welcome to the Academic Success Center (ASC)! At Gordon, the Academic Success Center is both the disability office and the academic support office. We serve all Gordon students, whether through study skill support, academic accommodations, or connecting students to resources that will enhance their academic experience at Gordon. Below, you'll find more information about the free resources we offer in the ASC to all students. We can't wait to meet you!

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Tutoring Resources: Subject Tutoring

Trained subject tutors hold review and tutoring sessions on a regular basis for large core classes as well as for languages, math, and science. Tutors welcome all students to their sessions for course review, exam prep, study skills tips, and general support. Whether you’re struggling in the course or want to maintain good work habits, you are welcome to meet with our tutors. Current students can make appointments with tutors through the ASC portal on their Canvas account.

Tutoring Resources: Study Coaches

Trained study coaches are available by appointment and drop-in hours. They welcome all students to schedule a time to explore study habits and strategies, individual learning styles, time management skills, and other issues related to academics. Current students can make appointments with study coaches through the ASC portal on their Canvas account.

One-on-One Support

Professional staff members in The ASC meet with students one-on-one to explore study habits and strategies, individual learning styles, academic accommodations for students with disabilities, time management skills, and other academic issues. Students are welcome to meet with their academic counselors on an as-needed basis. To make a first-time appointment, fill out the intake form below! Please call the ASC at 978.867.4743 or email us at [email protected] with any questions!


English Language Learner Support

In the ASC, international students can meet with an academic counselor for support with academic reading and writing in English or to discuss issues such as study strategies and time management skills. Certain accommodations may also be available through the ASC for qualified non-native English speakers


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GEN175 Applications of Learning Theory, 2 credits

One of the major adjustments to college is transitioning from high school academics to the demands of a college scholarship. To help you in this transition, Gordon offers a 2 credit course called GEN175, Applications of Learning Theory. This course is both theoretical and practical—you won’t just hear about how to study but will apply it to your own classes as well. The goal of the class is for students to learn to understand the principles of learning and how they can use them to optimize their personal learning in college. This course examines topics from learning theory such as memory, metacognition, and higher-order thinking and assists students to apply them to personal learning. Students learn to create study and exam preparation plans, apply different levels of thinking to learning, create a system of self-management, understand the implications of learning styles and apply principles of active learning to reading and listening tasks. To sign up, look for Optional Courses and select GEN175.

Resources and Downloads

Current students! Check out the ASC Canvas page for more resources including: - printable organizational materials, study tips, tutor schedules, and much more!


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