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ELL Information

For students whose native language is not English, adapting to American standards of academic discourse can be frustrating. If you are experiencing difficulty in any academic areas at Gordon, please stop by the ASC on the 4th floor of Jenks to learn about the following resources.

One-on-one appointments are available for international students for advising on study habits, study strategies, and time management skills, as well as support for English academic writing and reading. Contact , ELL Academic Counselor, for more information: 978.867.4716.

Content Preview Tutoring Sessions

In order to help students prepare for class, the ASC offers Content Preview Tutoring Sessions of selected courses. These sessions will include: 

  • A preview of a reading outline
  • A presentation of context and background knowledge for reading
  • A lesson in key vocabulary
  • Time to discuss and prepare contributions for class discussions

These sessions support English Language Learners, enabling them to engage in the classroom-learning environment with added confidence and intentionality.


The following resources are provided by the University of North Carolina Writing Center and Education First.