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Political Science Department

The political science department aspires to help students explore more robust, faithful models of citizenship, both of the political community and of the Kingdom of God.

The Political Science Department:

  • Examines politics—public policy, international politics, and political theory—from a perspective informed by Christian faith and tradition.
  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of politics.
  • Offers two distinct majors in Political Science and International Affairs (the latter in cooperation with the Department of Business and Economics).

We encourage our students to develop a strong foundation for asking political questions within the department and in the broader Gordon curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore their political responsibilities, and to examine the intersection of Christian faith with political life. Students in the Political Science Department have the opportunity to study abroad, participate in internships in Washington, DC, Boston and abroad and complete individual research theses during their final year.

The Political Science Department features:

  • A strong community, with small classes and common introductory and capstone courses
  • Mentoring relationships with faculty
  • Emphases on developing public speaking and writing skills

For more information, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Ruth Melkonian-Hoover.
P 978 867 4439