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Kinesiology Student Opportunities

Scholastic Opportunities


In addition to the core Kinesiology courses, students with specific post-baccalaureate aspirations may choose one of several concentrations to supplement their major in Kinesiology. Visit the Kinesiology Major webpage for more information about the required courses for each concentration:

  • Pre-Med Concentration
  • Physicians Assistant Concentration
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration
  • Pre-Nursing Concentration
  • Corporate Fitness Concentration


Kinesiology majors may choose a departmental minor in any other major in the College. Requirements for departmental minors are listed under the appropriate major.  Some popular minors for Kinesiology students are:

  • Neuroscience: The minor in neuroscience offers an introduction to the study of brain function. It is an interdisciplinary program in human and nonhuman behaviors drawing from departments of psychology, biology, chemistry, mathematics and kinesiology.
  • Biology: A minor in Biology is an excellent choice for Kinesiology students who would like to expand their understanding of the human system into topics such as immunology and genetics.
  • Physics: Kinesiology students interested in rehabilitation engineering and biomechanics are encouraged to take core design courses offered through the Physics department, including Introduction to Engineering, Statics, Strength of Materials, and Electronics. 
  • Sports Studies: The Recreation and Leisure department offers a 20-credit minor that addresses sport from historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives
  • Psychology: The Psychology department offers minors for students interested in graduate work and in human services.  Many Kinesiology students going into therapy fields choose the latter option.
  • Business: Some students choose to go further than the Corporate Fitness Concentration and solidify their business training with a 24-credit minor.