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Title IX Team


Title IX Administrators

Glenn Deckert, Title IX Coordinator
Office: Rodger Reception Center 203
Mail: Glenn Deckert, Title IX Coordinator, 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham, MA 01984

Darlene Hubbard, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Office: Office of Student Life, Lane Student Center

Title IX Team (Resolution Process Pool)

NOTE: Members of the Title IX Team are trained to serve as an Investigators, Decision-makers, Hearing Panel members and/or Advisors, as assigned by the Title IX Coordinator on a case-by-case basis.

Kristen Broughton
Office: Academic Affairs
Phone: 978.867.4113

Amber Cook
Office: Residence Life  
Phone: 978.867.4263

Laurel Copp
Office: Global Honors Institute  
Phone: 978.867.4149

Jennifer Kyes
Office: Office of Finance
Phone: 978.867.4497

Rebecca (Becki) Whetsel
Office: Controller’s Office
Phone: 978.867.4048

Title IX Appeals Officers

NOTE: The College will typically utilize a decision-making panel for Appeal Determinations but reserves the right to utilize a single decision-maker, if necessary.

Chris Carlson, Dean of Student Success, Chief Student Affairs Officer
Office: Lane Student Center, 311

Karen Davie, Chief Human Resources Officer
Office: MacDonald Hall, 120

Mandated Reporter Policy

The College has also classified all employees (except Confidential Resources, as defined in the Policy on Sexual Misconduct) as Mandated Reporters of any knowledge they have that a member of the community is experiencing harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation. The Policy on Sexual Misconduct details which employees have this responsibility and their duties, accordingly.

Confidential Title IX Counselors

The Gordon College Center for Student Counseling and Wellness (CSCW) provides a broad range of general counseling and wellness services. All of the counselors are confidential resources, which means they maintain strict confidentiality, and they are not mandated reporters of sexual misconduct; they will not notify anyone (including the College and/or Title IX Coordinator) about reported sexual harassment or assault, unless the reporting party specifically authorizes them and/or requests their help in doing so. In addition, certain counselors (listed below) have been specifically trained as Confidential Title IX Counselors (sometimes referred to as Confidential Title IX Resources). They are a great option and resource for community members who would like to learn more about Gordon's Title IX processes and the various options available to them in a safe and confidential environment. For more details, see the Policy on Sexual Misconduct.

To schedule an appointment with a Confidential Title IX Counselor, please use the CSCW intake form available here (be sure to select, "Title IX Intake with a confidential resource" in the "I am interested in" section at the end of the form; there is no charge for this service).

Gordon's Confidential Title IX Counselors are: 

Deana Trefry
Jenks 201

Heidi Forget
Jenks 202

Reid Swetland
Jenks 201