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Pike Honors Program Details

Approved Pike Programs are usually in one of two forms:

  1. An individualized Contract major or minor in a field not available at Gordon; this could be either

    • a recognized academic discipline, or
    • an interdisciplinary field that draws on course offerings from various departments while achieving a definite conceptual focus 
  2. A traditional major or minor that's offered at Gordon but is fulfilled in a unique way, like utilizing alternate Gordon courses plus the possibility of study abroad and/or courses at other institutions. This could also include concentrations. 

A Pike Scholar's curriculum must be individually reviewed by the student's Pike Committee and approved by the Academic Programs Committee of the faculty. It then becomes a recognized undergraduate program of study for the Pike Scholar as its own major, or as an additional major, minor, or concentration for that student. 

Examples of past programs include: 

  • African, Middle East, Contemporary Europe or other regional studies 
  • Classical Studies; Ancient History and Languages 
  • Community Development (Urban or International)
  • English with concentrations in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Photojournalism 
  • Environmental Studies; Sustainable Development  
  • Fine Arts Management or Art History with Museum Studies Concentration 
  • History with an Archeology concentration 
  • Psychology or Biology with a Medical Ethics, Neuropsychology or Genetic Counseling concentration 
  • Public Health and Nutrition 
  • ​Theology 

Learn more about designing a Pike Program by visiting the Apply page. Be sure to consult with your current academic advisor and consider any general advising issues

In order to apply, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher and be able to spend at least three semesters as a full-time student in the Pike program. There is no official application deadline, but students are strongly encouraged to begin the application process very early in the semester. For the fall, you should submit an application by November 1, and for the spring semester, submit your application by the Tuesday following spring break. A student whose proposal is approved can enter the Pike Program in the semester that follows. For a more in-depth explanation of the application process, see our Apply page.

Student Story

Jenna Nowosacki

When Jenna began at Gordon, she knew she was passionate about two things: riding horses and helping those in need. Through the Pike Program, she combined psychology, kinesiology, recreation and leisure studies courses with internships that led to her licensures as a Massachusetts Riding Instructor and Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor to teach adaptive riding and horsemanship.

"Every single day I use my Pike major to find creative ways for people with disabilities to interact with horses. It’s exciting and rewarding work that I continue to grow in, most recently as a graduate student of counseling at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary."

Jenna Nowosacki
Pike Major: Therapeutic Recreation

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