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Minor in Music

Students wishing to earn a music minor must audition for the Department of Music faculty on their major instrument. In order to complete the music minor, students are required to earn a total of 20 credits worth of music courses.

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Required Courses (8 credits + 4 semester 0-credit ensemble requirement): 

  • MUS 211 - Music Theory I (Credits: 3)
  • MUL 211 - Aural Skills I (Credits: 1)
  • Music Ensembles: four semesters (0 credit) - College Choir, Symphonic Band, Men's Choir, Gordon Symphony Orchestra, Women's Choir, Wind Ensemble
  • Applied Music: 2 credits for two semesters, preferably consecutive, on the same instrument (4 credits)

Additional Approved Electives (12 credits):
Prerequisites may apply; please check course descriptions.

Music minor may petition the chair of the department to take other music classes for which they do not have the sufficient prerequisites.

  • MUS212 - Music Theory II (Credits: 3)
  • MUL212 - Aural Skills II (Credits: 1)
  • MUS311 - Music Theory III (Credits: 3)
  • MUL311 - Aural Skills III (Credits: 1)
  • MUS315 - 20th Century Techniques (Credits: 4)
  • MUS218 - Composition I (Credits: 2)
  • MUS219 - Composition II (Credits: 2)
  • MUS226 - Music History and Literature I (Credits: 4)
  • MUS326 - Music History and Literature II (Credits: 4)
  • MUS259 - Performance of Chamber Music (Credits: 0 or 1 variable)
    1 credit option; prerequisite of 2 semesters of applied lessons
  • Music Ensemble: semesters beyond the 4 required (1 credit option)
  • MUS241 - A Survey of Musical Masterworks (Credits: 4)
  • MUS337 - Music in Worship (Credits: 4)
  • MUS245 - World Music (Credits: 2)
  • FNA112 - Arts in Concert (Credits: 4)
  • Applied Music - same or different instrument (Credits: 2)

Other Courses
Permitted Non-Credit or 0-Credit Courses (will not count toward 12 elective credits):

  • Applied Music: same or different instrument (Non-Credit)
  • MUS010 - Musicianship
  • MUS259 - Performance of Chamber Music (0 credit option)
  • Music Ensemble - semesters beyond the four required (0 credit option)

*Auditions are required to qualify for any music scholarship, and students must be accepted through the Gordon College Admissions process before auditioning. Music scholarships are included in a student’s financial aid package if the student enrolls at Gordon, and awards are renewable for all four years if requirements are met.