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What can I do with a math major?
Graduates with a mathematics degree find employment in areas traditionally associated with mathematics—actuarial science, education, statistics, operations research—while others use their backgrounds in less traditional areas such as business or management, in professions such as law or medicine, or in a variety of industrial or high-tech companies. Some go on to graduate study in mathematics, computer science, statistics, operations research, management or business. Analytical skills honed in the mathematics major are also a valuable preparation for seminary work, as well as in Bible translation efforts around the world. 

Mathematically-educated and capable people are essential for the future. Therefore, a background in the mathematical sciences, where skills in problem-solving, quantitative thinking, and reasoning ability are refined, should position graduates well for future employment in a variety of areas.

At Gordon, in addition to early informal advising, we take time in the junior year for students to explore more formally not just the career directions they can take, but also the whole idea of calling and how that relates to the job world. The following sites are some of those we look into, and they have a wealth of information about the type of careers math majors go into.

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