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Internship FAQs

When can I complete an internship so that it appears on my transcript?
Internships can be registered any semester or summer, generally beginning the summer after your first year. Typically, an internship spans the length of a single fall, spring or summer term.

How do I register an internship?
Internships can be registered for 0, 2, 4 or 6 credits, depending on which internship program you’re pursuing. Forms to begin registration can be found here or in the Career Services office on the first-floor of Lane Student Center.

Is there a minimum hour requirement for registered internships?
Yes. Internships require a minimum of 28 hours/credit, or 112 hours for a 0-credit internship.

When is the right time during my Gordon career to complete an internship?
While the right time varies for each student, our Four-Year Plan encourages students to complete an internship before the end of their junior year.

Where have Gordon students interned in the past?
Gordon is proud to have had students intern for a diverse spectrum of companies. Recent host organizations include:

  • Domestic organizations such as Deloitte, Raytheon, U.S. House of Representatives, Amirah, State Street, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Northwestern Mutual, The Dallas Theater Center
  • Global organizations such as Horizon Research Group, Kuaka, Amistad, Hope International, and Samaritan’s Purse, Ernest Maude, Christrar, Live Again Rwanda, Gomae
  • Local companies such as Paul Marciano CPA, Cape Ann TV, Acquia, The Castle: A Boardgame Café, Northeast Arc, Grace Chapel

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