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Zero Credit Internship Registration

The Zero Credit Internship experience offers students a valuable opportunity to learn through a combination of observing and practicing the competencies they’ve been developing in the classroom.

Interns are expected to work with a professional in the field for a minimum of 8-10 hours per week for about 14 weeks (these numbers will be different during the summer session), performing whatever tasks you deem appropriate in both meeting our learning objectives and assisting your operations. The minimum hours required over the duration of a semester is 112 hours for registered internships.

To register your Zero Credit Internship:

  1. Log into your Handshake account using your Gordon College log in information
  2. Select Career Center ➔ Experiences ➔ Request an Experience
  3. In “Experience Type” select “0-Credit Internship Registration (US-Citizen Students)” or “0-Credit Internship Registration (F1 and J1 Visa Students)”
  4. Fill in all the information below

Learn more about the guidelines and expectations for the Zero Credit Internship, or contact with your internship questions.

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