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International Development Concentration

Your heart breaks when you recognize vast inequities, poverty and oppression in the world—but you’re afraid that some efforts to solve those problems may hurt more than they help. If you want to do productive, sustainable, international community-building work, add an international development concentration to your international affairs major. You will deepen your understanding of the complex factors at work in international politics, global development, economics and sustainability.

Why study international development at Gordon?

When you choose to add an international development concentration to your international affairs major, you’ll learn about factors that contribute to global poverty and oppression, and consider numerous viable, sustainable remedies. Opportunities to study and complete internships abroad and will equip you to do helpful work in an increasingly globalized world, from a fully informed Christian perspective.

What careers can I pursue with an international development concentration (international affairs major)?

Adding an international development concentration distinguishes you as a job candidate because you will have the extra preparation needed to enter careers such as:

  • Community health officer
  • Diplomat
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Sustainable development officer
  • International conservation contractor
  • Humanitarian relief worker
  • Conflict resolution specialist
  • Micro-enterprise developer

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Go the extra mile!

International development students have worked with recently immigrated refugees in the nearby city of Lynn and at immigration offices in Boston. Global internships from Romania to Nepal provide great cross cultural opportunities, and student clubs like the Social Justice Initiative give you a place to practice what you’re learning on a small-scale so you can be prepared to tackle big issues. 

Global Opportunities

Global education programs provide a perfect opportunity to practice your newfound international development skills in the real world and learn from different cultures’ approaches to development.


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