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Human Development Concentration

Human development covers the social, emotional and cognitive development of humans, all within the context of everyday lives, families and communities. This concentration is for students looking to meet clients in their world, learn their stories and help improve their functioning in the face of their challenges and barriers. If you desire to serve people where they are and walk with them to where they want to be, through the lens of faith, consider a concentration in human development. 

Why study human development at Gordon?

You’ll have opportunities to become engaged in on-campus and off-campus activities with people of a range of ages and callings. You’ll be able to connect with professionals in the field, explore job opportunities and gain experience in local agencies while engaging in placements and internships. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in local churches and the local community, as you wish. A low student-to-faculty ratio presents opportunities for mentorship and research, beneficial when applying for jobs and graduate school. 

What careers can I pursue my psychology degree with a concentration in human development?

You may decide to pursue a graduate program in human development, psychology or sociology. Graduating with a human development concentration will prepare you to make significant contributions in a variety of careers, including: 

  • Case management
  • Care coordination 
  • Children, youth and family services worker 
  • Marriage and family therapy 
  • Rehabilitation coordinator 
  • School psychology 

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Go the extra mile!

Extend your learning beyond the classroom through an off-campus internship, or take advantage of multiple opportunities to present and publish research as an undergraduate student—either by joining active faculty projects or carrying out your own. 

Global Opportunities

Pack your bags and broaden your horizons through a Global Education program. 


For more information contact:

Dr. Kaye Cook 
Department Chair 
Department of Psychology 
P 978 867 4402 

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