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A lesson on architecture in Piazza san Pietro

Global Education Vision

The mission of Global Education at Gordon College is two-fold:

First, to extend the presence of the College beyond the home campus to other locations around the world by

  • providing opportunities for learning that supplement and enrich the campus curriculum through courses and experiences suited to the local setting,
  • finding ways for students to engage with the host community beyond the academic duties of the semester, whether through formal service-learning projects or by regular participation in community- or church-sponsored activities,
  • contributing to our host communities’ own social, economic, cultural, educational or religious life so that Gordon’s presence is seen as supporting local citizens and institutions rather than imposing something alien from the outside.

Second, to foster global understanding in our own backyard by

  • bringing a global sensitivity to community engagement locally,
  • sharpening our global consciousness and conscience through promoting lectures, essays, exhibitions and performances,
  • nurturing the cross-cultural ethos on campus by highlighting the gifts and contributions of our own international students, faculty and staff.

“If we desire to educate students to be caring global citizens, perhaps our greatest role is to help them become rooted in a caring local community that . . . places them in contexts where they are forced to reckon with and empty themselves out to the other just as they are being served and filled with new understandings.”

Christen Borgman Yates (Office for Community Engagement) in “Out of The Classroom and Into the Community”



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