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General Psychology

General Psychology Concentration

The most flexible of the psychology concentrations, general psychology offers broad exposure and allows you to tailor your elective courses to your area of interest. Explore why people think, act and feel the way they do. As a psychology major you’ll acquire valuable clinical skills that will help you work with people. In addition, you will explore the brain’s intricate processes and apply that knowledge to solve practical problems in a wide variety of fields, including research, business, marketing, medicine, law, sports, forensics, social work and education.

Why study general psychology at Gordon?

Psychology is one of the largest majors at Gordon, but our faculty are deeply invested in the lives of each individual student. They are faithful mentors, gifted teachers and active researchers. Gordon’s intensely hands-on approach means you’ll have opportunities to become a key player in publishable faculty research (or pursue your own endeavor), engage in lab projects that simulate real psychology, study brain waves and complete internships in your area of interest.  

What careers can I pursue with a psychology major?

Careers in psychology are vast and varied. Balanced coursework that provides extensive psychological knowledge coupled with hands-on experience through research, labs and internships will prepare you for top-notch graduate programs and diverse careers in fields including:

  • Clinical psychology 
  • Research 
  • Organizational/industrial psychology 
  • Educational psychology 
  • Missions or church work 
  • Law or government 
  • Medicine 
  • Teaching 
  • Public health
  • Crosscultural psychology work
  • Animal research and care

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Go the extra mile!

Extend your learning beyond the classroom through the Psychology Department’s extensive internship program that offers personalized placement based on your career goals. Students have worked in psychiatric hospitals, crisis centers, district courts, therapeutic music programs, shelters, counseling centers, residential homes and juvenile justice systems. You can also take advantage of multiple opportunities to present and publish research as an undergraduate student, either by joining active faculty projects or carrying out your own.

Global Opportunities

Pack your bags and broaden your horizons through a Global Education program.


For more information contact:

Dr. Kaye Cook 
Department Chair 
Department of Psychology 
P 978 867 4402 

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