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A Message to ENC Students and Families from President Hammond

Update: Open House for ENC Students July 29 →

Having been a trusted partner and neighbor for over 100 years in the Boston area, Gordon College is saddened by the closure of Eastern Nazarene College (ENC). Students, we understand that this creates an incredibly stressful and uncertain time for you. We know that the news has been sudden and unexpected, likely leaving you with many questions about your future. I want to extend our heartfelt empathy and support as you navigate through this challenging period.

As you are aware, ENC has identified three colleges where current and new incoming students can transition to complete their studies. We are honored to be one of the institutions chosen to help you continue your educational journey.

Students admitted to ENC and in good standing are automatically accepted to Gordon—no need to apply. Begin the transfer process with this online form.

You're already in!

Students admitted to ENC and in good standing are automatically accepted to Gordon—no need to apply. Begin the transfer process by filling out this form:


Like ENC, Gordon offers a practical career-oriented education rooted in the liberal arts tradition and deeply integrated with our Christian faith. Our campus, home to the Fighting Scots, is located on the North Shore of Boston, just 35 miles from ENC’s campus. While transitioning to Gordon may not have been part of your original plan, we are committed to providing a seamless and supportive experience if you want to continue your educational journey here in the greater Boston area.

If you would like to speak with an advisor, please reach out to , use our ENC Transfer form, or call us at 978.867.4193 and one of our advisors will help you. We are committed to providing a Gordon College education at a cost similar to what you were paying at ENC. As a current ENC student, you will be able to transfer to Gordon and continue your studies without interruption.

We recognize that this is a time of significant change and uncertainty. Please know that our prayers and support are with you as you navigate this new chapter. Please check back on this page for more information as we work out further details to ensure a smooth transition for you.

We are here for you every step of the way.

President Hammond portrait

Warm regards,

Michael D. Hammond
Gordon College

Further Resources

As you navigate the financial component of your transition from ENC, our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible! Situations may vary, but the short summary is that your net tuition will stay the same, but room and board costs may differ.

Financial Form

We’re ready to help you find your place at Gordon.

  • All your credits will transfer to Gordon (D- and above).
  • Plus, if you have 60 or more credits earned, all core requirements will be waived. If you have fewer than 60 credits, we will apply your coursework to our core once we receive your transcript.
  • If you are a first year student, or if you have less than 60 credits, you will also complete La Vida or Discovery as part of our First Year Outdoor Education Program
  • Here’s what you need to graduate from Gordon:
    • Choose a major offered by Gordon College. Your advisor will work with you to apply your ENC coursework to your selected Gordon College major so that you can complete your degree in the most efficient time frame. View all Gordon majors
    • Earn at least 120 credits (all your current credits will transfer)
    • Maintain a Gordon GPA of 2.0 or higher
    • Complete the Gordon College core requirements (or have them waived if you are transferring more than 60 credits).
  • Gordon provides a variety of support services to students with documented disabilities. Learn more here.

If you are a student-athlete, we’d love to have you join Fighting Scots Nation! Here’s your next step: 

  1. You will need to have an NCAA letter of release from ENC, register in the NCAA Transfer Portal, or complete a 30-day self-release before contacting any of our coaches or staff.
  2. Once we have your release, please have your respective ENC coaches contact us to set up a call with the Gordon head coach or designee to discuss possibly joining their team.
  3. Please use the link located on this page and begin the transfer process with the online form.
  4. Please add Gordon to your FAFSA profile.

If you are an international student at ENC, we’d love to have you join Gordon College!  Based on federal compliance regulations for international students there are a few more steps to take for a seamless transfer to Gordon.

  1. Fill out and submit the ENC Inquiry Form. This form serves as your application to Gordon.
  2. Fill out Gordon’s Financial Aid Form for ENC Students. Once you have submitted this form and indicated you are an international student you will receive an email with a link to Gordon’s International Student Finance Form (ISFF).
  3. Fill out and submit Gordon’s International Student Finance Form (ISFF). A link to this form will be emailed to you after you fill out and submit the “Financial Aid Form for ENC Students.” (Note: Gordon’s commitment to ENC students is to keep the net tuition cost the same for one year. Therefore, students who have more than one year left to graduate will be required to demonstrate financial support of at least $40,000 USD per year to cover the full cost of attendance to live and study in the U.S. beyond the initial one-year cost commitment). Demonstrating sufficient funds is a government requirement in order for Gordon to issue an I-20. Therefore, proof of funds (bank statements, investment account statements, etc.) may be requested.
  4. Submit your transcript from ENC.
  5. If you are in good standing at ENC and meet the financial support as required on the ISFF we will be able to admit you and provide you an I-20 for your transfer to Gordon College. Unfortunately, until you are able to show sufficient proof of funds Gordon College is unable to process your file to transfer.

ENC to Gordon Major Mapping

The table below maps ENC majors to the relevant Gordon major.
You can also view a detailed pathway for each major here (Excel format).

(table scrolls horizontally on mobile)

ENC Gordon College
Major Degree Major Degree
Accounting BS Accounting BA
Biblical Literature BA Biblical Studies/General concentration BA
Biochemistry BS Biochemistry BS
Bioinformatics BS Data Science BA/BS
Biology BA/BS Biology BA/BS
Business Administration BA Business Management BA
Chemistry BA Chemistry BS
Children's Ministry BA Christian Ministry/Youth Ministry concentration BA
Christian Ministry BA Christian Ministry/choice of concentrations BA
Computer Science BA/BS Computer Science BA/BS
Crime, Law & Justice BA Political Science major or Pre-Law minor BA
Education - Early Childhood BA/BS Early Childhood Education BS
Education - Elementary BA/BS Elementary Education BS
Education - Secondary BA Not an undergraduate major. Students may earn through Gordon's graduate education program. 
Education - Special BA Early Childhood or Elem Ed w/Special Ed minor BS
Education MEd Education MEd
Engineering BA/BS 3-2 Physics Engineering Program BA from Gordon, BS from partner institution; foundational requirements and core at GC plus 2 yrs at an engineering school
Environmental Science BA/BS Environmental Science & Sustainability BA/BS
Finance BS Finance BA
Global Business BS Business Management or International Affairs BA
Health Science BS Health Science BS
History BA History BA
History Education BA See Secondary Education
Information Technology BS Computer Science BS
Intercultural Studies BS See minors in Communication and Christian Ministries
Liberal Arts BA Speak with an advisor about multiple choices
Management BS Business Management/HR Management concentration or Small Business Mgmt concentration BA
Marketing BS Marketing BA
Applied Mathematics BS Mathematics BS
Mathematics BA/BS Mathematics BS
Applied Physics BS Physics BS
Physics BA/BS Physics BS/BA
Psychology(Child/Adoles) BA Psychology/Human Development concentration BA
Psychology(Clinical Research) BS Psychology/Clinical concentration BA
Religion BA Biblical Studies or Christian Ministries BA
Sport Management BS Sport Management BA
Theology and Philosophy BA Philosophy with minor in Theology BA
Worship Arts BA Music BA with Music in Worship Concentration BA (audition requried)
Youth Ministry BA Christian Ministry/Youth Ministry concentration BA