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Dual Enrollment On-campus Courses

Dual Enrollment On-campus

Do you live near Gordon’s campus in Wenham, MA? Gordon offers AP course equivalents. You can join a college class on Gordon’s campus as a Dual Enrollment student.

COM 152  Media and Society (MWF, 1:50-2:50)
Credits: 4
Instructor: Dr. Rachel Jong-In Yoo

Examines how media of mass communication both reflects and influence our culture. Considers how knowledge of the environment and models for social interaction are affected by mediated communication, and how financial and organizational structures of media influence content and approach. 

COM 241  Introduction to Public Speaking (MWF, 3:00-4:00)
Credits: 2
Instructor: Dr. Rachel Jong-In Yoo

Introduces the fundamental skills and preparation for presentational speaking. Students prepare and present 2 speeches: Informative, Persuasive, and Special Occasion. 

ENG 140  Core Seminar in English Literature (several in-person sections, see schedule for details)
Credits: 2-4
Core seminar in literature will engage with the literature of two or more global cultures and explore the value of studying literature from a Christian perspective. Students will apply close reading strategies to facilitate critical thinking and thoughtful class discussion, and use writing to engage with literary texts and contexts. 2 credit sections are repeatable for credit twice; 4 credit sections are repeatable for credit case-by-case, depending on topic.

ENG 140 Syllabus

MAT 121  Calculus I (MWF, 9:10-10:10 OR 1:50-2:50)
Credits: 4
Instructor: Dr. Jonathan R. Senning

Introduces theory of limits, continuity, differentiation and integration. Methods for differentiating algebraic and transcendental functions; some applications of derivatives. Prerequisite(s): SAT math score >=550; ACT math score >=23; calculus diagnostic score >=15.

POL 104  American National Politics (TR, 9:45-11:20)
Credits: 4
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Alter

Critically examines basic commitments, institutions and processes of American politics, engages contemporary political debate; focuses on Constitution, political culture, interest groups, parties, Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court.

POL 106  International Relations (MWF, 1:50-2:50) 
Credits: 4
Instructor: Dr. Michael Jacobs

Studies relations among nations, politics of war and peace, elements and limits of national power, issues of hunger, development and human rights. Emphasizes American involvement in world affairs; examines Christian options.

PSY 180A  Person in Psychological Context (Intro to Psych) (MWF, 11:30-12:30)
Credits: 4
Instructor: Dr. Susan Bobb

Explores psychological perspectives on the nature of persons in cross-cultural context. Focuses on research and theory, and introduces the discipline of psychology. Topics addressed include learning, devleopment, social behavior, physiology, personality, memory, emotion, thinking, and diagnosis and treatment of disorders. 


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