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Michael Veatch

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Veatch uses the methods of operations research, particularly probability models and optimization, in a variety of areas. He is currently studying humanitarian logistics and the effective delivery of aid. He is also interested in the control of queueing networks, with applications to supply chains and manufacturing systems, and approximate dynamic programming. Prior to coming to Gordon, he worked for six years in the industry ... more ➔

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Sam Mason

Sam Mason

Assistant Professor
Chemistry, Data Science and Enviromental Science

With a background in ecology and biostatistics, Professor Mason is most interested in using bespoke probabilistic models to inform animal conservation. His current research focuses on the Monarch butterfly, combining large spatial datasets with greenhouse experiments to understand how habitat loss and pesticide use are driving population declines. Professor Mason is an R enthusiast and loves introducing students to the fundamentals of programming, ... more ➔

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Jonathan Senning

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Senning combines an interest in applying mathematics to real-world problems with a love for computer technology and finding ways to use computers in a variety of applications. His current interests include high-performance computing, computational solutions to network queueing problems, and machine learning. He has been an active member of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) since joining in 1993.

Dissertation: High Performance Computing, Computer Applications of Mathematics

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Russ Tuck

Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Russell Tuck, an award-winning software engineering manager, brings extensive experience to his role as professor of computer science. Dr. Tuck led the productionization and launch of Gmail and built and managed Gmail’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) group. During his 11 years at Google, he also led teams developing some of the infrastructure systems for Google’s vast web services and helped facilitate the company ... more ➔

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