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Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

As you read these words 100 billion neurons in your brain have already fired approximately 600 times each. This is a remarkable amount of activity, and it’s only scratching the surface of the immensely complex mystery of the human brain. In the neuroscience concentration at Gordon College, you’ll explore how the brain impacts thoughts, emotions, learning and behavior, and how it changes with factors like injuries, disorders and prescription drugs 

Why study cognitive neuroscience at Gordon?

As a neuroscience student you will study under invested faculty who are faithful mentors, gifted teachers and active researchers. Gordon’s intensely hands-on approach affords you opportunities to complete internships in your area of interest, do lab work with our 40-channel EEG brain imaging machine and engage in publishable research (with a faculty member or on your own) on the neurophysiological aspects of language, memory, anxiety, moral decision making and more.  

What careers can I pursue with a cognitive neuroscience concentration?

You will be prepared to pursue top-notch graduate programs in neuroscience and to make significant contributions in a variety of careers, including:

  • Neuroscience, neuropsychology and neurology 
  • Cognitive rehabilitation  
  • Biotechnology, biopsychology or biomedicine 
  • Psychiatric healthcare 
  • Pharmaceuticals  
  • Medicine and nursing  
  • Health psychology and public health 
  • Veterinary medicine 

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Experiential learning in cognitive neuroscience

Extend your learning through in-class experiences in the community or an off-campus internship, or take advantage of multiple opportunities to present and publish research as an undergraduate student, either by joining active faculty projects or carrying out your own.

Global Opportunities

Pack your bags and broaden your horizons through a Global Education program.


For more information contact:

Dr. Kaye Cook 
Department Chair 
Department of Psychology 
P 978 867 4402 

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