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Career Services

The journey to personal and professional development begins on day one at Gordon. Over the course of four years, we want students to aim for more than just a job out of college; we want them to discover and pursue their God-given calling. The Career Services Office is here as a guide along the way, helping students bridge their classroom learning to real-world experience to prepare them well for life after graduation.


Advance your life and career through four years of discovery, development and deepening.

Four Year Roadmap



97 percent

97% of Gordon alumni are employed or in grad school within a year of graduation


Internship opportunities on 6 continents

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78% increase in Gordon-brokered internships since 2011

Brendan Sweeney

Brendan Sweeney ’17

"Having the experience and the network that I developed during my internship has helped me seamlessly transition into my new job, and has made me much more comfortable with taking on additional responsibilities early on. In my mind, a college experience really isn't complete without the practical work experience that an internship provides."