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Resources for Underrepresented Students

The Career and Connection Institute (CCI) believes that diversity reflects the Kingdom of God. Diversity illustrates the breadth and depth of God’s creative power, love and desire for human flourishing. Each person’s unique story and background have equipped them to honor the Lord in the world of work.

Historically and presently, diversity and inclusion have been undervalued or poorly practiced in the workplace. There are many unique challenges faced by multicultural students, international, first-generation, disabled, neurodiverse and female students, including underrepresentation, discriminatory hiring practices and lack of employment support. CCI wants to stand with you and help you discover your calling, develop your gifts and direct your career journey.

To this end, we have built events and support offerings into our regular programming that will provide guidance that is specific to you, and we have developed website resources with unique opportunities including networks, associations and internship and job opportunities related to your professional development (see below). CCI is committed to helping you open doors that get you where you want to go. CCI hopes these resources are a helpful primer in beginning the conversation between you and your CCI career coach.


First-Generation Students

Receive personalized career guidance from people and organizations who understand what it’s like to be the first person in their family to graduate from college. 



International Students

Get some of your important career search questions answered—from finding the “right” time to disclose your visa status to identifying employers that support OPT. 



Multicultural Students

Tap into relevant professional networks and find companies that value the unique perspective you have as a multicultural student. 



Students with Disabilities

Learn about what legal protections you have and which kinds of professional accommodations you may need as a student with disabilities. 




Pick up some strategies for how you can negotiate your salary and identify organizations that live out their commitment to gender equality.


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