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Looking to go to a research conference? Any and all Gordon College students are eligible to receive a URC Grant. Students have one of two options: present research at a conference or simply attend a conference. Presenters are eligible to receive up to $500 dollars for any conference-related costs while conference attendees are eligible for up to $150.

Conference-related costs include but are not limited to conference registration, transportation, lodging, and dining. Applicants must first request money from their department before applying for a grant from the URC. All applicants are required to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA (presenters) or a 2.75 GPA (attendees). A slightly lower GPA score may be considered under extenuating circumstances. 

Download the applicable form, fill it out, and return it.

Conference Presenter Application (PDF)
Conference Attendee Application (PDF)

Please note: Applications are due at least two weeks before conference attendance, and should be returned to Hannah Vidu, Director of the URC, .

All applications require signatures from the Gordon College registrar verifying GPA as well as signatures from the applicant’s department chair and research advisor/mentor. Additionally, the signing advisor must provide a letter of recommendation. This entails a short paragraph explaining their relationship to the applicant as well as their validity as a student worthy of receiving grant money. Please email this recommendation to .

Only when applications have been received in their entirety will they be considered. Once they have been thoroughly reviewed by the council, an applicant may or may not be granted an in-person interview. Once the interview has been completed, the URC will deliberate and vote for approval or denial of grant monies.

**Please note that all URC Grants work on a refund basis only. All grant recipients are responsible for collecting and submitting conference-related receipts to the URC after their conference. Once receipts are processed by the college, only then will money be distributed.

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