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Restore Creation: Commitment

Gordon College’s commitment to sustainability is fearlessly led by Restore Creation—an initiative led by the Physical Plant Department that also involves faculty, staff and students. This group strives to create a culture that cares about the environment and practices sustainability. Restore Creation does this by:

  • Recycling as many products as possible
  • Reducing as many wasteful practices as possible
  • Re-using and encouraging others to re-use as much as possible
  • Promoting and sustaining awareness of these practices

Restore Creation is a culture on campus. It’s found in every corner and crevice: in the library, at the dining hall, in conversation, in everyday practices. It is an undercurrent that guides the College’s views on all that it does. But ultimately, the driving force behind this commitment is to honor and glorify God and to care for his creation—which he entrusted to our care.

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