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Going Green: Rotating Fund

The Going Green fund is a rotating energy fund that invests saving from energy conservation into the fund that is then used to fund more energy conservation efforts.

This matching grant was given to Gordon by the Imago Dei Fund, established in 2009, with the “goal of walking beside and supporting great organizations in an effective and intentional way.” Imago Dei promised Gordon $15,000 over the next three years as long as Gordon promises to match the gift with another $15,000. The goal of the grant is for Gordon to remain committed to creation care and energy efficiency across campus.

The grant is a rotating environmental fund devoted to specific energy efficiency projects on campus. In the first year of the grant, for instance, the campus will replace the light bulbs in student parking lots, bringing the wattage in 38 lights down from 460 to 135 watts, realizing a savings of about $6,400.00. This will also save 54,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide from being discharged into the atmosphere from the saved electricity generation and will also remove the need to use mercury containing light bulbs in these 38 light fixtures.

“Over the next three years, we’ll make other improvements to campus walkway lighting and repair windows in the older residence halls, reducing heating costs,” said Provost Janel Curry, who serves as the project director collaborating with staff from Physical Plant and the student-run club Advocates for a Sustainable Future (ASF). “Future projects include helping faculty/staff offset their carbon footprint, energy management systems in campus buildings, and dorm competitions to reduce energy use. We’re committed to preserving the natural world through stewardship and environmental care, both locally and internationally."

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