Sustainability Career Services

The Career Services Office is a service to students and alumni, designed to link the college world to the professional world through internships, co-ops and careers and has an extensive library to guide students in their chosen field. They also connect students to an extensive alumni network. This office also provides active, substantive guidance on things like:

  • Career counseling
  • Career assessments
  • Job search advising
  • Resume review
  • Interview preparation
  • Graduate school advising
  • Co-op and internship placements

Career Services is also committed to helping students get actively involved in "green jobs" if this is where their interests and passions lie. They do this by:

  • Maintaining a number of guides on "green" and sustainability careers in the Career Library
  • Regularly working with students who have interests in conservation, creation care, community sustainable agriculture, etc., and assisting students in identifying internship opportunities as close as the Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary of Mass Audubon (close to campus on Grapevine Road in Wenham) and many other locations
  • Assisting students in networking with alumni and other professionals who work in organizations supporting the environment. Career Services has organized a "Green Careers Panel" featuring alumni who speak about their careers as well
  • Assisting students to make connections with potential employers in clean energy, environmental non-profits, environmental education organizations, National Parks, and more

Those interested in pursuing careers in sustainability and environmental science can do so by getting degrees in various subjects—biology, chemistry, and some of the social sciences, including international affairs, economics and business, political science and economics. Those interested in sustainability end up working jobs in public health, conservation, ecosystem restoration, policy making, climate change adaptation, water quality management, soil conservation, sustainable agriculture and more. Others interested in sustainability focus on the economics of poverty alleviation, green business practices, or policies about natural resources.

At Gordon, pursuing a strong background in the natural and social sciences in a community of Christians would prepare you to pursue many of these directions.