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Special Diets

We understand that many students have dietary needs or difficult allergies, and we are committed to serving them well. Bon Appétit ensures that students, faculty, staff and guests are notified of the allergens used in its offerings by describing menu ingredients on signage. Foods made without gluten-containing ingredients (MWGCI) are labeled ↓G. These foods are prepared using ingredients that do not contain gluten, and steps are taken to manage the risk of cross-contact.

Gordon College Dining Services food service staff is well-trained on the severity of food allergies. The training includes instruction on food allergies, including food products that contain allergens, cross-contamination, and proper food storage and preparation. We label all items that may contain possible allergens, and request that students with food allergies be alert to their individual needs and risks. We do not allow our servers to answer food allergen questions. All ingredient questions are directed to a trained manager who can assist the guest in determining the content of the item in question.

Gordon College Dining Services staff meets with students to formulate and execute unique plans to meet their specific needs. If you have food allergies and would like to set up a meeting with Dining Services, please email Corey Baker () and Debbie Kapetanopoulos (). Gordon College Dining Services will make every effort to provide you with a safe, nutritious and enjoyable college dining experience.

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