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Active Faith

ministry and mission groupsEducation in the Christian liberal arts tradition is interested not only in academic competence but also in spiritual formation. The Chapel Office at Gordon College provides various programs to support students in their spiritual growth and encourage full-life discipleship to Jesus. This includes corporate worship services, spiritual-life groups, mentoring relationships, pastoral counseling and service-learning and mission trips.

Professed Christian Faith

Gordon College strives to deliberately cultivate an explicitly Christian community of scholars:

All members of our community—students, faculty, staff and administrators—are required to read a Statement of Faith, and abide by a Life and Conduct Statement. These documents guide and inspire the development of our faithful community within a complex world.

As a part of the application process, students are required to provide a faith testimony for enrollment.

Commitment to Global Service and Missions

  • 2,789 hours spent on course-related service-learning practices with community partners during the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Over 200 students participate annually in service-learning trips.
  • Multiple local outreach groups throughout the year.
  • Global missions to places around the globe (e.g. Haiti, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Swaziland, and many more) with over 100 student participants.

Learn more about on-campus, local, and global opportunities.

Ministries and Service Opportunities


  • Spiritual formation
  • GCSA Student Clubs
  • Advocacy and Awareness


  • Outreach teams
  • Office of Service Learning
  • Community Tutoring


  • Haiti
  • World Focus – Guatemala
  • Mexico Outreach
  • Northern Ireland
  • Detroit
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mississippi
  • Nicaragua
  • Reading, PA
  • San Diego
  • ECHO Farm
  • Romania
  • India
  • China

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