Admission—Professional License


Getting Started:
Candidates may apply to the program at any point in the year. The schedule for current summer courses can be found on the Master of Music Education Program Requirements Page.

Successful candidates will:

  • Have a Massachusetts Initial License in Music
  • Have a Master's Degree
  • Have a graduate GPA of 2.85 or higher
  • Exhibit potential for excellence in teaching music
  • Demonstrate overall musicianship

A detailed list of admissions requirements and instructions for applying can be downloaded from the left hand side of this page.


Massachusetts state regulations distinguish the 12 Credit Option with two approaches to meeting the requirements for the Professional license in music:

  • Approved 12-Credit Program: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has reviewed and approved an institution's proposed 12 credit paradigm, all subject matter knowledge requirements are satisfied with an appropriate combination of content and pedagogy.

Gordon College's 12 Credit Option Program was approved as part an official DESE site re-approval and re-accreditation visit in April 2011.

In the case of an Approved 12 Credit Option Program, candidates must formally complete all admissions requirements and the program of study as listed by Gordon College.

Upon completion of all requirements, Gordon College will handle each candidate's professional licensure application paperwork with DESE through the college's designated Graduate Education Licensure Officer.

  • Individual 12-Credit Option for Professional License: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education lists an individual option for those who already hold a Master's degree to complete 12 credits of graduate coursework in the subject matter of the initial license.

    Candidates may take graduate level content courses in their discipline offered through one or more college or university departments or programs which don't necessarily offer a master's degree in that content area.

In this case, no formal application to the Gordon College 12-Credit Approved Program would be necessary. Candidates would be welcome to enroll in graduate level music courses, and would be individually responsible for licensure application and documentation paperwork with the Department of Ed, without the assistance of the College's designated Licensure Officer as a conduit.

We are here to help.  Please contact , Program Coordinator