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12 Credit Option: Professional License


The 12-Credit Option for Professional License in Music is designed for the following:

  • Music educators who already hold a Masters Degree in a discipline other than music education, and wish to obtain their Professional License without completing an additional masters program.
  • Music educators who already hold the K-12 Initial License in Music, and wish to obtain Professional License in Music, while pursuing a masters degree in a discipline other than music education.
  • Working professionals who wish to complete coursework during a convenient summer term, which includes a combination of learning online, in the classroom, and in a lab ensemble setting.



Coursework for  the 12-Credit Option for Professional License is derived from the current offerings in the Master of Music Education curriculum, which is a summers-only program.  Summer term graduate study provides an opportunity for licensure students to interact with and benefit from MMED faculty and colleagues in the classroom, small seminars, and in lab ensemble settings.

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Program Requirements
The following courses are grouped by subject matter in order to provide options for students, while meeting the state requirements that 12 credits of the licensure program coursework be in the content area appropriate to the student's teaching field.

GMU601 Music Theory Review
GMU602 Music History Review
(Review courses do not apply towards the requirements for the 12 credit option)

Minimum of 9, maximum of 12 credits can be taken from the following:

GMU610 Analytical Techniques (2); requires passing score on music theory diagnostic exam
GMU612 Western Music (2)
GMU614 Non-Western Music (2)
GMU616 Techniques of Conducting (2)
GMU618 Conducting Seminar (2); co-requisite GMU620 Lab Ensemble (1)
GMU620 Lab Ensemble (1)
GMU624 Learning and Assessment in Music (2)
GMU630 Introduction to Research in Music Education (2)

Minimum of 3, maximum of 3 credits may be taken from the following:

GMU619 General Music Seminar (2); co-requisite GMU620 Lab Ensemble (1)
GMU622 Foundations of Music Education
GMU626 Curriculum Development in Music Education (2)
GMU628 Supervision and Administration (2)


** 2017 Course schedule subject to change