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Pre-veterinarian science concentration

Are your sights set on becoming a veterinarian? You have quite a lot of schooling ahead of you—and Gordon College is an excellent place to start. Our pre-vet program combines rigorous science coursework and a Christian liberal arts curriculum. As part of your pre-vet degree, you'll take essential science courses like microbiology, chemistry, and animal science to prepare you for the road ahead. This major also incorporates non-science courses into the curriculum to shape your critical thinking, communication skills, and ethical understanding and help you become a successful veterinarian.

Graduate-level experiences for pre-vet program undergrads

microscope and brain

The on-campus donor (cadaver) lab provides a rare opportunity for undergraduates.


The on-campus Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness offers internships to students.


Our internship program at Duke University and the Gordon Medical Observership program shapes your clinical skills.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Greg Keller
Professor of Biology

P 978 867 4852

Department Chair of Life, Health and Physical Sciences

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