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Pre-physician Assistant

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Common majors: kinesiology, biology

You’ll work on a team with a doctor to examine, diagnose, treat and counsel patients; order and read tests; perform procedures; and even assist in surgery. Physician assistants can practice and prescribe medications in all 50 states, but require far less schooling than medical doctors. They practice in virtually every medical field and are employed in a wide variety of health care settings.

Graduate-level experiences for undergrads

microscope and brain

Study and research in the on-campus donor (cadaver) lab, a rare opportunity for undergraduates.


Pursue an internship at the on-campus Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness.


Gain real clinical experiences through Gordon’s internship program at Duke University and the Gordon Medical Observership program.


BIO105 – Cell Structure and Function Credits: 2 
BIO106 – Genetics and Development Credits: 2
CHE 111 - Principles of Chemistry I Credits: 4
CHE 112 - Principles of Chemistry II Credits: 4
BIO/KIN 213 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I Credits: 4
BIO/KIN 214 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II Credits: 4
MAT 220 - Biostatistics Credits: 4
BIO 314 - Microbiology Credits: 4
PSY 180 - Person in Psychological Context Credits: 4

One additional psychology elective: PSY 244 - Developmental Psychology or PSY 246 - Clinical Psychology: Psychopathology suggested

RECOMMENDED: Health Professions Seminars I–IV (taken in sophomore and junior years)

NOTE: Significant accumulation (1000 hours) of patient contact hours is a prerequisite for many but not all schools. See specific course requirements for individual schools. Additional biology courses may be required depending on the school.  

Kinesiology-PrePA Advising Sheet ➔ 
Biology, BA–PrePA Advising Sheet ➔


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Sean Clark, Ph.D.
Director of Health Professions
Professor of Kinesiology
P 978 867 4844

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