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Pre-Medicine concentration

The pre-med program will guide you on your journey toward a career in medicine. As a pre-med major at Gordon, you'll engage in rigorous academic training designed to equip you for the challenges of medical school. Differentiating us from other pre-med colleges in Massachusetts, our approach weaves a robust curriculum with the principles of faith-based healthcare. Here, studying medicine goes beyond textbooks; it's about learning to seamlessly blend your faith with your chosen profession to make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

Graduate-level experiences for undergrads

microscope and brain

The on-campus donor(cadaver)lab presents a rare hands-on learning opportunity for undergraduates.


The Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness (on campus) offers internships for pre-med majors.


Gordon’s internship program at Duke University and the Gordon Medical Observership program deliver authentic clinical experiences.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Greg Keller
Professor of Biology

P 978 867 4852

Department Chair of Life, Health and Physical Sciences

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