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Political Science Courses


In consultation with a departmental advisor, every student will meet the core requirements. A minimum of 38 credits must be taken in the department including:

American Politics

Four credits from the following:

Comparative Politics

Four credits from the following:

International Politics

Four credits from the following:

Political Theory

Four credits from the following:

Internship/Off-Campus Study

One of the following:

  • POL 425 - Internship in Government and Politics
  • (6 credits maximum for major)

    • Approved academic experience outside the United States
    • American Studies Program, or other C.C.C.U. program, or other approved off-campus academic program inside the U.S. (8 credits maximum applied to major)

Additional requirements:

In addition to the requirements listed above, students must take sufficient elective credit in political science courses to reach the minimum of 38 credits required for the major.

Students considering graduate study should take a modern language and a course in statistics for social science research.

    Double Majors

    Students with double majors must take a minimum of 34 credits in political science when it is declared as their second major. They may substitute an internship in their first major for the political science requirement. Double majors from philosophy are excused from the internship requirement.

      Political Science Minor

      Students wishing to minor in political science will complete a minimum of 20 hours of coursework in consultation with the department chair.