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Mark Gedney

Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Department of Philosophy

Mark Gedney is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department. After receiving his Ph.D. on Hegel's social philosophy in 1995 from Boston University, Dr. Gedney lectured at both Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Boston University where he taught courses in ethics, the philosophy of the social sciences, and social and political philosophy. During this time, he also served as Associate Program Coordinator for the Twentieth World ... more ➔

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David Aiken

Professor of Philosophy

David Aiken is Professor of Philosophy at Gordon College. He received his doctorate at Boston College in 1990. His doctoral dissertation on Kierkegaard's concept of sin was directed by Professor Peter Kreeft, author of numerous works in the philosophy of religion. Before undertaking doctoral studies, Dr. Aiken studied music at the University of Maine (Orono) and theology at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. His philosophical interests were sparked ... more ➔

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Ian DeWeese-Boyd

Professor of Philosophy and Education

Ian DeWeese-Boyd majored in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. He next earned a Master of Arts with an emphasis in New Testament exegesis at Covenant Theological Seminary. At Saint Louis University, where he earned his doctorate in 2001, he studied under Eleonore Stump, who directed his dissertation, Self-Deception and Moral Responsibility. Ian joined the philosophy department at Gordon in 1999. His ... more ➔

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