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Oxford Program Details

The Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) program—both semester and year-long options—is designed for students who want to develop their academic writing abilities and hone their research skills while studying areas of individual scholarly interest with advanced academic tutors. As Visiting Students of the University of Oxford and members of Wycliffe Hall, participants study in one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Keats's "city of dreaming spires" provides a rare and rarified setting for engaging in scholarly fellowship with other young Christian scholars.

The year-long program may be attractive for students with a single major whose curriculum can be adapted to a small set of major and minor tutorials, and who expect to go on to graduate-level study. The year-long option is limited to three students, selected through a more rigorous application process.

The Scholar’s Semester in Oxford program (SSO) is housed at Wycliffe Hall, one of the six private halls which, along with another 38 colleges, make up the University of Oxford.

Students participating in SSO can live either in the North Wing of Wycliffe Hall (located on the north side of town center) or in The Vines, a late-Victorian mansion overlooking the University from Headington Hill.

Read more on the SSO Student Life page.

After the British Library in London, the Bodleian Library at Oxford is the largest in the United Kingdom. A number of colleges from All Soul’s to Worcester have their own libraries, generally geared to the interests and specialties of the college’s members. Over the years, many Gordon students have declared the Radcliffe Camera their favorite spot for reading.

From museums like the Ashmolean—the world’s first public museum— to its gardens, rivers and parks, Oxford and its environs offer rich terrain for walking, biking and, of course, punting. (A few years ago a student took his skateboard and did not ingratiate himself with the neighbors, but that’s another story.)

In addition to the program travel included in the British Landscapes course, students have opportunities for independent travel over the course of the semester. London is easily reached by public transportation in under two hours, as are many historic sites such as Blenheim Palace (Winston Churchill’s home).

A total of 17 credits are possible each term.

Each term is divided into the following required components:

Tutorials are available in 16 areas of study:

Biological Sciences English Language and Literature Philosophy
Chemistry History Physics
Classics History of Art Psychology
Computer Science Mathematics and Statistics Theology
Earth Sciences Modern Languages
Engineering Musicology

If a student would like to use Selected Topics in British Culture to fulfill a Core requirement, it must be approved by the Registrar's office. Please see the Global Education Office for assistance.

Students participating in the year-long Oxford program have the opportunity to further develop their research and writing skills by completing a major thesis, with guidance from a specialist, on a topic of their choice, normally chosen from amongst those in which tutorials are offered.

Gordon credit is given for students who participate in the SCIO program. To find Gordon course codes and course descriptions search Gordon's undergraduate catalog for "OXF" (catalog.gordon.edu).

The cost is generally equal to a semester at Gordon and includes:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Housing
  • Program-related events

The Global Education Office will work with Student Financial Services to reassess each applicant's institutional aid for their off-campus semester. Institutional aid includes Gordon-awarded merit scholarships and grants, honors program awards, and major-or department-specific awards. Federal and private aid will not be affected. Factors in the reassessment process include financial need, GEO program flexibility within your major/minor, and program cost. SFS will provide a breakdown of costs to each student after approval has been issued by the GEO. 

Additional expenses include:

  • Travel between home and program
  • Meals
  • Security deposit (refundable, collected upon arrival)
  • Personal expenses
  • Textbooks
  • Laundry
  • Personal medical expenses, if incurred 

SSO welcomes applications from students who enjoy academic challenges and desire to sharpen their research and writing skills in their subject areas. To be eligible students must:

  • have a 3.7 GPA or above,
  • have Junior or Senior standing when they attend the Semester Program,
  • possess a strong commitment to both their academics and their Christian faith.

All Gordon students applying to the single-semester Oxford program with CCCU GlobalEd must first submit Fall and Spring semester online seat applications to the Global Education Office by March 1 before applying to the program itself.

Students interested in applying for the year-long Oxford program through CCCU GlobalEd follow a different process with earlier deadlines, so be aware and manage those due dates accordingly. 

Applicants approved by the Global Education Office then proceed with the CCCU GlobalEd application. CCCU GlobalEd has a rolling admission policy. See CCCU Global Ed's Oxford Program website for more info on application and deadlines. 

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