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The college years may just be a pin on life’s map—but it often becomes the linchpin for the directions that follow. At Gordon, our students are equipped to flourish in an uncertain and changing world. They’ve discovered and connected God-given gifts and personal passions to meaningful vocations with lasting impact.

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Gordon grads get jobs—and fast.
93% of Gordon graduates are employed or in graduate school within a year of graduation.

Olivia Buelow

Olivia Buelow ’18 works backstage on Broadway musicals.

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Gordon grads get jobs—and fast.
93% of Gordon graduates are employed or in graduate school within a year of graduation.

Olivia Buelow

Olivia Buelow ’18 works backstage on Broadway musicals.

where they are

Gordon alumni are lifelong learners and leaders. They’re employed at some of the top businesses and nonprofits, and they’re earning advanced degrees at some of the most impressive institutions.


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Graduate Schools

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John Harris

Dr. John Harris ’98 was awarded White House honors for medical breakthroughs.

where they are

Antarctica aside, alumni live on every continent. They live, work and serve in places like New Zealand and New York, South Korea and South Carolina.

what they make

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Gordon alumni work for more than money. But they happen to do well for themselves, earning competitive salaries from the get-go, and quickly making leaps and bounds up the career ladder and across the aisle.

82% are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs.

what they believe

Because Gordon fosters whole-life transformation, faith remains at the core of alumni lives. One way their Christian commitment manifests is through church and community involvement, though there are innumerable other ways that alumni live out their faith.

92% of alumni are involved in church.

86% of alumni are involved in faith organizations or activities.

Michael Messenger

Michael Messenger ’90 is CEO of World Vision Canada.

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how they live

Gordon alumni experience what a Gallup study identified as "The Big Six" (key factors of the college experience most strongly correlated with living engaged lives post-college) far more frequently than the national averages. In fact, compared to Gallup's averages, two times as many Gordon alumni reported "strong agreement" with all six statements below.

data key

75 percent / 25 percent

My professors cared about me as a person.

77 percent / 63 percent

I had at least one professor who made me excited about learning.

52 percent / 22 percent

I had a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams.

36 percent / 29 percent

I had an internship or job that allowed me to apply what I was learning in the classroom.

31 percent / 32 percent

I worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete.

33 percent / 20 percent

I was extremely active in extracurricular activities and organizations.

If they could choose again, four out of five alumni would choose Gordon.

what they say

Gordon helped me understand that following Jesus was something that not only involved the head, but also the heart (passion and compassion) and hands (action). Through interaction with professors who encouraged me and challenged my ideas, off-campus internship/study programs that allowed me to observe ‘real world’ issues and policy, and campus ministry that gave me a global perspective, my time at Gordon set me on the path to the work I do today.
Michael Messenger ’90, President and CEO, World Vision Canada

My experiences at Gordon College were life-changing. I am thankful for professors who challenged me in love and patience. Being able to interact with and learn from people who are focused on something greater than themselves was very encouraging. Because of the level of excellence required of me at Gordon, I am able to deliver the same quality of work at my current job.
Tatenda Makoni ’17, Clinical Research Assistant, Center for Virology & Vaccine Research at Beth Israel Medical Center & Harvard Medical School

At Gordon, I was simultaneously challenged to go deeper in my faith while being encouraged in my business career. Godly professors made a profound impact on the trajectory of my life through their teaching and by their life example.
Mark Wambolt ’07, Director or Sales, Eventide Asset Management

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