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Neuroscience Courses

Required Courses

  • PSY275 Neuroscience Seminar
  • PSY349 Physiological Psychology + Lab
  • KIN450 Neurophysiological Basis for Movement
  • BIO150 Biology I: Cells and Genetics + Lab

Select 8 credits from the courses listed below:

Cellular and Molecular Emphasis

  • BIO213 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO312 Animal Physiology
  • BIO316 Modern Genetics
  • BIO321 Molecular Cell Biology
  • CHE111 Principles of Chemistry I
  • CHE211 Organic Chemistry I

Behavioral/Cognitive Emphasis

  • PSY250 Psychology of Memory
  • PSY270 Psycholinguistics
  • PSY281 Drugs and Behavior
  • PSY342 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY347 Animal Behavior
  • PSY380 Neuroscience of Language
  • PSY471 Research
  • PSY472 Research
  • KIN350 Disorders of Voluntary Movement
  • KIN492 Research