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Michael Veatch

Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Math and Computer Science

Dr. Veatch combines an active research program in operations research, where mathematics is applied to problems from business and manufacturing, together with his interest in areas such as probability and statistics. He is also interested in humanitarian logistics and the effective delivery of aid, and previously organized a conference at Gordon in conjunction with the MIT Humanitarian Response Lab on these issues. Prior to ... more ➔

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Karl-Dieter Crisman

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Crisman's main research interests lie in applications of mathematics to analysis of election procedures; he is also interested in connections with music and the abstract world of invariants on hyperplane arrangements. He is passionate about open source software in mathematics, largely as a developer and educator with SageMath, and was previous ... more ➔

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Jonathan Senning

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Senning combines an interest in applying mathematics to real-world problems with a love for computer technology and finding ways to use computers in a variety of applications. His current interests include high-performance computing, computational solutions to network queueing problems, and machine learning. He has been an active member of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) since joining in 1993.

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Richard Stout

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Stout focuses on areas of pure mathematics, where questions about the beautiful and abstract structures that underlie the theory of mathematics are discussed. He has done historical work on some mathematicians in early 19th-century England. He is also interested in finding ways to help prospective elementary and middle school teachers better understand the theory that supports elementary mathematics. Since its first gathering in ... more ➔

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