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La Vida Intern Reference Form

La Vida Intern Reference Form

1. Applicant's Name

2. Reference Name

3. Reference Phone Number

4. Reference E-mail

5. How long have you known the applicant?

6. How do you know him or her (in what capacity)?

7. Please rank the applicant's leadership potential.

8. Please rank the applicant's emotional maturity.

9. Please rank the applicant's judgment and decision-making skills.

10. Please rank the applicant's work ethic.

11. Please rank the applicant's integrity.

12. Please rank the applicant's communication skills.

13. Please rank the applicant's ability to work with others.

14. Please rank the applicant's faith commitment.

15. Comments or clarification about your responses in questions 7-14.

16. Listed below are traits that may limit the applicant's effectiveness in some positions. Please check any traits you have observed in the applicant (presence of these traits will not automatically disqualify an applicant from a leadership position).

17. Comments or clarification about any items you checked in question 16.

18. What are three of the applicant's strengths?

19. What are three areas in which the applicant needs further development?

20. What leadership traits does this applicant possess?

21. La Vida interns have responsibility for programming, team-building, adventure activities, working with peers, and being a role model. Based on your knowledge of the applicant, please explain how you feel that he or she would perform in a leadership position?

22. Do you recommend this individual for a position with the La Vida Intern program?

Strongly recommend
Recommend with reservations
Do not recommend

23. Additional Comments

24. Signature

25. Date Signed