IRB for Non-Affiliates

Your research project needs to be submitted to the IRB Committee for review.  Please fill out the form below.

Please note that the text pasted directly into the boxes will not be automatically formatted. If your long responses require formatting, please use a html converter (such as this one) to format your text before pasting it in the form.

IRB: Non-Gordon Affiliates

This is the IRB Review form for those not directly affiliated with Gordon College.

1. Principal Investigator Name

2. Principal Investigator Email

3. Principal Investigator Title and Affiliation

4. Additional Investigators: Please list the name, title, and affiliation of other investigators involved in the project.

5. Project Title

6. Project Start Date (mo/da/year)

7. Anticipated Project End Date (mo/da/year)

8. Please describe the nature and purpose of the research project.

9. Please describe the reasons you would like to include members of the Gordon community in your study.

10. Please describe the anticipated participant population and recruiting methods.

11. Please describe in detail the methods and procedures of your study

12. Please describe risks, benefits, and/or compensation for the participants.

13. Please describe how you intend to protect the participants' anonymity and confidentiality.

14. Cut and paste the text of the Informed Consent document into the space provided.

15. For research involving questions or surveys, provide the list of questions to be asked of participants below.

16. Provide any additional information below.