Institutional Review Board

The purpose of the Institutional Research Board (IRB) at Gordon College is to protect the welfare, rights, and confidentiality of human research participants. We use the Belmont Report as a guideline for evaluating proposals.

All research involving human subjects, whether conducted by students, staff, administration, and/or faculty, is subject to review by the IRB. This includes persons who are off-campus who ask Gordon students, staff, or faculty to participate in their research projects. Before submitting a proposal, each principal investigator (PI) should be trained in protecting human research participants.  Free training is provided by the National Institutes of Health. Proof of certification by NIH or another organization (ex: CITI) will be requested at the time of proposal submission. 

Once the IRB receives a proposal, it takes up to 2-3 weeks for initial discussions to take place.  Then, one member of the board will contact the PI with either an approval or follow-up questions. If you have submitted a proposal and have not heard anything in 2 weeks, feel free to use the IRB Contact form to inquire about its status.