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Policies & Procedures

Below you will find Gordon College policies on a broad range of subjects. Other specific employment policies are contained in the Staff Handbook, the Common Handbook, and the Administrative/Faculty Handbook. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources at 978.867.4240.

Name Change Policy for Faculty and Staff
Name Changes, such as to email accounts or payroll records, can only be made through the Human Resources office. Legal documentation in the form of a marriage license or social security card is required before a name can be changed in College records.

Family Status Change
Please notify the HR department within 30 days of a marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death, or other change in your family so that we may assist you in arranging the right benefit coverage.      

Background Check Policy
College Owned Laptops and Cell Phones
Criminal and Sex Offender Background Check Policy for Camp Employees
FERPA and Privacy Policy
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Policy
Life and Conduct Statement
Non-Discrimination Policy
Responsible Use of Computers Policy
Telecommuting Agreement
Telecommuting Policy
Volunteer Agreement
Volunteer Information Form
Whistleblower Policy