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Honors Convocation is held each year at the end of the Spring semester to recognize the outstanding achievements of some of our most exceptional students. Awards and scholarships are presented in recognition of excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service.

This Convocation helps to bring life to the mission statement of Gordon College and as we honor these students we also honor our Creator, who provided each of these students with the gifts, talents, and abilities that have allowed them to receive these honors. 

Congratulations to this year's recipients!

Howie Rich Faithfulness in Ministry
Humanitarian Award
Scholar Athlete of the Year

Promotion of Scripture Study
Biblical Studies Awards
Lloyd Carr Scholarship

Harold Myra Scholarship
Faculty Scholarship
Luke and Mary Moore Wood Scholarships by Division

Business, Finance, and Accounting Distinguished Awards
Sarah Ball Scholarship
Buettner-Edmondson Business Leader Scholarship

Music Department Awards
Art Department Awards
Theatre Department Awards
Language and Linguistic Awards

George F. Bennett Leadership Award
Barry and Donna Loy Staff Service 
The President's Award
Collegian of the Year
President James Forrester Award
Lindsay Leadership Award

Norma Huse Scholarship
Communication Arts Awards
David Furman Award