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Convocation is the calling people together for a large formal assembly. To that end, the purpose of the Convocation program at Gordon College is to convene the Gordon community together on Friday mornings throughout the year and is designed to foster the development and application of a Christian worldview. Convocation provides common experiences to the community that will at times reinforce and at times challenge perspectives expressed in the curriculum, encouraging us to listen graciously and learn deeply from those with whom we agree and disagree. In addition, during select Fridays throughout the year, the Convocation hour is utilized to recognize the success of individuals connected to the Gordon community (i.e., Homecoming Convocation, Honors Convocation, etc.) and by the Student Life Office to assist students with personal and professional growth.

The Gordon College Mission Statement reads as follows: Gordon College strives to graduate men and women distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and prepared for leadership worldwide.  

Out of this mission statement derives the Gordon College Commission: to stretch the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the contribution. 

But practically, what does that mean in today’s world? At a Christ-centered, liberal arts institution like Gordon, we believe that to fulfill our mission and live out the “Commission,” the entire Gordon community (faculty, staff, students, and administrators) needs to be committed to better understanding how we relate to one another (Revelation 7:-9-10), how we relate to God and ourselves (Psalm 103:1-6), and how we relate to the world around us (Jeremiah 29:7).  

With this as our foundation, this year in Convocation, we invited speakers who will help us to explore the areas of intercultural competence (how we related to one another), embodied discipleship (how we relate to God and ourselves), and civic praxis for the common good (how we relate to the world around us). By integrating these topics together and incorporating them with Gordon’s Mission & Commission, our speakers will help to illustrate “Prophetic Kingdom Living.”